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Now if you're really smart you'll know that gambling against casinos is a losing proposition statistically for players. In the long run you will lose, it's only a question of by how much and when. Still, gambling does provide significant entertainment value and if you're lucky and more importantly able to stop in the short term while you're ahead, you can walk out a winner. Fusionfield is a simple site being developed to help educate gamblers both online and offline as to how badly the odds are stacked against you, what you can do to increase the odds in your favour and which sucker bets to avoid.

FUSIONFIELD is only interested in communicating the science of gambling - we are not here to debate about luck. We believe that if you know the odds you can make informed choices about your betting strategies which at the very least should help you avoid losing money on dumb bets like the FIELD bet on a craps table.

If you fancy having a gamble while you're waiting for us to update our site check out any of the casino sites below, or if would rather read the latest solid finance news, then check out Peston's Picks BBC blog. Alternatively, for the best offers on any Canadian dollar casinos be sure to check out the Best Canadian online casinos review page.

If you're based in India, check out this great Indian Online Casinos review site.

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